Severe Bloating And Gas
Excessive painful gas
   Severe Gas Pain | Gas Odors

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Though people who have not suffered with it do not understand just how much it hurts, severe gas pain is nothing to take lightly. There can be many causes, overeating or simply eating the wrong things can trigger an attack. Many people find that caffeine intake, whether from coffee, soft drinks or even chocolate can trigger an attack. In addition to caffeine, there are other common culprits: peanuts or peanut butter, salsas and spicy foods are complained about by many who suffer from heartburn or gas pain.

As evidenced by the many pharmaceutical products on the market, there seems to be a growing problem. Since most of the time these attacks are caused by diet, we must wonder if our diet choices are simply missing the mark more and more on a daily basis. Because we choose fast food and processed ready - to - eat foods as opposed to a home-cooked meal, are we hastening our own departure from healthy lives? Are our lives just too busy? No longer do we have the days of mom staying home while dad goes to work, moms being available to spend time finding new recipes and making meals that families enjoy around a dinner table.

It is not that families do not want to eat a family dinner, it is that there is not enough time in the day. With both parents working and children's schedules packed with after-school activities, we do not have the ability to take our families back to a time when moms were waiting at home for the children to arrive from school. Though there are people who are exhibiting the desire to move back to this home atmosphere, the expenses of raising a family do not make this transition easy.

Severe gas pain can bring even the strongest person to the end of their rope. Many times, a person might have escaped the pain when expecting it, only to find out as soon as they lie down for the night - it comes back with a vengeance. Being awakened in the middle of the night with heartburn pain is also a common occurrence for people who have this problem.

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